Conservation of the B.C. Permanent Building

Eric Cohen, Owner Architect
Ted Murray Architect Inc. 

Donald Luxton & Associates

The B.C. Permanent Building at 330 West Pender Street was one of those projects that expand in scope as you go along. It began as a straight forward heritage façade rehabilitation. However, the uncovering of a remarkable original interior expanded the scope to include a full restoration of unique flooring, plaster moulding and stained glass work.

In a Conservation Review, Donald Luxton & Associates provided guidance for the restoration, and then supervised the work to ensure conformance with the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada. Ted Murray provided architectural and design services, and John Bryson & Partners handled structural engineering. Owner Eric Cohen was the project manager.

When significant original interior elements were uncovered, the owner and project team made a commitment to restore them to their original appearance and replace any that were missing. The latter included tiles from the tessellated floor mosaic. The mosaic was damaged in several locations. (Eric Cohen was able to source new tiles and the original fish motif was worked out on paper in order to recreate the exact pattern in areas with missing stone. Two extraordinary stained glass domes required significant repair work. Several broken or missing elements were replaced to match the original appearance.

The 330 West Pender Street project has returned the building to its original splendour, ensuring that this landmark designated building will contribute to the historic fabric of Vancouver for at least another century.


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