About Heritage BC

Heritage BC is a not for profit, charitable organization supporting heritage conservation across British Columbia through advocacy, training and skills development, capacity building in heritage planning and funding through the Heritage Legacy Endowment Fund.

We are passionate about building links between heritage conservation and tourism, economic and environmental sustainability, community pride and an appreciation of our common history.

Programs include workshops, annual conferences, publications and grants for the conservation of historic buildings and special places. We are funded through membership fees, program and service revenues, charitable gifts and donations as well as sponsorships. 

There are many ways you can support heritage conservation in British Columbia! 

Today we have a growing membership of individuals, groups and business members who share a common interest in heritage conservation, historic places, and promoting the value of British Columbia’s heritage for all. 

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Heritage Week 2015

The theme for Heritage Week 2015 in British Columbia is Main Street: At The Heart of The Community.The week kicks off on February 16, 2015, which is designated as Heritage Day across Canada by Heritage Canada The National Trust:  "Our Main Streets and traditional downtowns are a heritage worth celebrating! As venues for commerce, entertainment, worship, shopping and more, they speak volumes about a community's social and economic history.

Heritage BC Annual Conference

Heritage BC is pleased to announce their annual conference on September 26 -27, 2014 in Cloverdale, BC. This year’s theme, “Building Bridges”, brings together diverse individuals and organizations interested in exploring the links between heritage, the environment, culture, tourism and the economy — two days of speakers, workshops, award recognition, tours and more. Heritage BC Board President, Janice Henry...

Municipal Election Resources Now Available!

Are you concerned about heritage conservation and planning in your community? Are there heritage issues that you want your municipal government to address?  Does your community need a Community Heritage Commission, a Community Heritage Register, or long term heritage conservation planning in your official community plan? Are you a candidate running for municipal election and need more information about about why heritage is important for your...

Heritage BC is on the move!

Heritage BC has found a new home for the foreseeable future! We will be moving into a new office space in West Vancouver. The space has been generously donated by Seacliff Properties. The official move is Tuesday, May 20 2014. Feel free to visit us to learn more about all the exciting new opportunities ahead and meet the new Heritage BC team including Sarah Irwin, Office Administer, and Karen Dearlove, Capacity Planner.  HERITAGE BC OFFI...

Karen Dearlove, Capacity Planner

Heritage BC is pleased to announce the appointment of Karen Dearlove, Capacity Planner. A new position, Karen is your new 'go to person' for heritage planning, education and training questions!Karen graduated with a PhD in History from McMaster University in 2009. Since graduating she has worked as the Executive Director of the Canadian Industrial Heritage Centre and Living History Multimedia Association in Brantford. From 2011 to 2013 Karen...